Thanet RC riders experience the Belgium kermesse

Seven young riders from Thanet Road Club had a taste of international racing in Belgium at the weekend. Cycling is considered by many to be the national sport in Belgium, it is the home of the great Eddie Merckx and the famous Spring Classics traditionally start the European road racing season.

The seven riders made the trip to Passendale in West Flanders with travel and accommodation costs covered by club sponsor Whites Transport Ltd of Minster near Ramsgate.

All are highly ranked nationally but for most this was their toughest test so far. Youth races in Belgium take place on open roads with the riders protected by a “rolling road block” of police and officials’ vehicles, something which is not permitted on UK roads, so this was a totally different experience to those used to riding closed circuit UK races.

The “Nieuwelingen” (U17) race was 10 laps of a 6.1kmcircuit and George Pittock was unfortunate to be involved in a crash on the second lap and was unable to continue. Joshua Chivilo and Hamish Reilly rode well at the front of the peloton and both scored points in the intermediate sprints. Chivilo finished in the main bunch in 26th place in 1 hr 33 mins, the same time as the winner, but Reilly suffered in the heat and dropped off the pace with two laps to go, finishing 38th and 2 mins 45 secs behind.

The “Juniores” (U19) race was 13 laps of the same 6.1kmcircuit. Oliver Robinson tracked British national champion Jacob Vaughan for most of the race, with both boys contesting most of the intermediate sprints, Vaughan finishing third in 2 hrs 2 mins and Robinson eighth in the same time. Toby Hammond started well but dropped off before attacking away from the third chasing group to finish 14th at 4 mins 57 secs behind. Toby Perry was 19th at 5 mins 40 secs, but Alex Ashman also suffered in the heat and dropped out of the race.

“This was a fantastic experience for our young riders” said Thanet RC head coach Colin Robinson. “The standard of these races is very high, with riders from Belgium, France, Germany and Great Britain. I am proud of each and every one of our riders and they all want to come back. I am grateful to Whites Transport Ltd for giving us this opportunity and now we will look at how we can do it again”.

Pictured are:

Nieuwelingen, left to right Joshua Chivilo, George Pittock, Hamish Reilly

Juniores, left to right Toby Hammond and Toby Perry

Robinson, left to right Oliver Robinson with Jacob Vaughan (VCL)

Evening 10 Mile Time Trial – 14th June 2017

The latest evening “10” at Betteshanger CP was held in much better conditions than the previous week, which was reflected in much improved times for most riders, including some course PB’s.

The field of 40 riders comprised 5 junior and 35 senior riders. As in previous weeks at Betteshanger, the field size has hovered around 40 riders, whereas in previous years, we would have expected to get closer to 60 riders.

Fastest junior this week was Lance Childs with a very good time of 24.09. Also making his first appearance of the year was 10 year old Tom Crow-Brown. Dan Martin was our fastest senior, riding in his University of Bath colours, to record an excellent 21.13. Second place went to Simon Henderson with his first sub 22 minute ride at BCP for a while with 21.58. New member Lynne Fairs made her debut with 31.42, so now has a target time to aim at in the future. Times of all riders are to be found in the attached PDF files.

As usual, thanks go to our helpers who are essential for the running of the event. This week, they were Teresa Childs, Pip McVey, Ollie Robinson, Nick Scott, Mick Bussey, Martin Hendy, Terry Fearn, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors BCP 14th June.pdf

Seniors BCP – 14th June.pdf

Whites Transport / TRC Summer Series round.1 results

Thanet RC / Whites Summer Series Round.1 (Mon 19th June 2017) Top circuit
Under 8 Girls
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1 Freya Hocking Thanet RC 3.59 1 1 2
Under 8 Boys
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1 Thorsten Cook Thanet RC 3.17 2 1 3
2= Yarich NC 3.54 3 2 5
2= Doug Tullett Thanet RC 3.05 1 4 5
4 Blake Foottit NC 4.27 4 3 7
Under 10 Girls
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1 Millie Dack Thanet RC 2.49 1 1 2
2 Ilana Lord VC Deal 2.51 2 2 4
3 Poppy Dunton Thanet RC 3.22 3 3 6
Under 10 Boys
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1 Max Robinson Thanet RC 2.24 1 1 2
2 Alex Dack VC Deal 2.26 2 2 4
3= Lughaidh Cook Thanet RC 2.44 4 3 7
3= Ben Hutton Thanet RC 2.35 3 4 7
5 Theo Hocking Thanet RC 2.54 5 5 10
6 Ed Hammond Thanet RC 2.56 6 6 12
7 Lawson Bax VC Deal 3.28 7 7 14
8 Leo Childs Thanet RC 3.49 8 8 16
Under 12 Girls
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1 Freya Cook Thanet RC 2.32 1 1 2
2 Tallulah Butcher Thanet RC 2.34 2 2 4
3 Ferne Peirce Thanet RC 2.43 3 3 6
4 Amy Jones Deal Tri 2.57 4 4 8
5 Hannah Kolowski NC 3.05 5 5 10
Under 12 Boys
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1 Bradon Foottit NC 2.58 1 1 2
2 Louie Harris VC Deal 3.18 2 2 4
Under 14 Girls
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1 Emily Heasman Thanet RC 2.12 1 1 2
2 Catherine Worrell Thanet RC 2.19 2 2 4
3 Shannon Neame Thanet RC 2.42 3 3 6
4 Rebekah Jones Deal Tri 2.47 4 4 8
Under 14 Boys
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1 Lance Childs Thanet RC 2.01 1 1 2
2 Jack Hill Thanet RC 2.11 2 2 4
3= Tom Hutton Thanet RC 2.15 3 4 7
3= Finn Dunton Thanet RC 2.28 4 3 7
Under 16 Girls
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1 Tamsin Rose Fox Thanet RC 2.30 1 1 2
Under 16 Boys
Position Name Club TT time TT position Mass start position Total
1= George Pittock Thanet RC 1.57 2 2 4
1= Hamish Reilly Thanet RC 1.56 1 3 4
1= Leighton Dalley GDCC 2.05 3 1 4
4 Luke Hill Thanet RC 2.13 4 4 8
5 Joshua Chivilo Thanet RC DNF 5 5 10

Important Notices with regards to Open Events and Thanet RC Wednesday Evening Events.

  1. Open Time Trials (including those run by Thanet RC) – These have to be entered in advance and your entry must be with the organiser at least 12 days before the event, or as per the closing date via the CTT website. The times you place on the entry form must have been achieved in a CTT registered event, this means that times achieved in Thanet RC events at Betteshanger are not to be used as these are not CTT events.
  1. Wednesday Thanet RC Club Events – These are run under subtly different conditions.
  1. Thanet Way – These events are run using CTT Regulations since they are run on the public highway and therefore appropriate insurance is required (which is included within rider entry fee and is payable by the club to CTT). Riders must abide by the CTT Regulations – Please familiarise yourself with these Regulations found here
  1. Betteshanger Country Park – These events are run using Thanet RC provided insurance and according to Thanet RC Club Rules section 15(J). The rules for CTT events apply to Thanet RC evening events.

In both cases I would like to bring all riders attention to Rule 21 of CTT regulations. The following is in essence what the rules relates to.

When riding in a Solo event – competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted and not ride in company or take shelter (commonly known as drafting). If you should catch up another rider you should try to pass as quickly as possible and must not in any circumstances ride close behind so that you take shelter from the wind. You must set your own pace and not use another rider as a pace maker.

Drafting is not allowed in Open events and if seen can result in disqualification and possible reporting to District Committee for further action.

While drafting is tolerated (but certainly not encouraged) in Thanet RC club solo events at Betteshanger, it is not always tolerated by non Thanet RC members. It is accepted that whilst riding at Betteshanger and due to the nature of the course (having multiple laps) it is inevitable that riders will come into close proximity to other riders either overtaking or being overtaken. Riders should therefore overtake safely and avoiding drafting. The requirement to make yourself known to the rider in front, before overtaking is with the rider performing the overtake. Clear and audible instructions (such as “on your left”) is encouraged.

The event organisers will try to set riders off in pairs (or more when necessary) such that riders are NOT equally matched. This is deliberate to try to avoid circumstances where drafting might occur, However, as stated, it may become obvious during the event that you come in close proximity to a rider of similar ability. In these circumstances you are both jointly responsible to ride safely without drafting.

Please call out your number when crossing the finish as sometimes the number can be difficult to read if a pin falls out or the number rides up.

All Solo Records, whether Club Records, Age records or Junior/Juvenile MUST be achieved without drafting.

The Thanet RC evening events, particularly at Betteshanger, are intended to be a fun, relatively safe and challenging opportunity to test yourself. Time Trialling is referred as "the race of truth", and depends only on each rider’s strength and endurance, and not on help provided by others riding ahead and creating a slipstream. We run Team Time Trials to test just this particular skill.

Riding as a “Two Up” (or more) at a solo event is perfectly acceptable so long as this has been made clear to the organiser when signing on.

Please remember that our events attract club riders and individuals. Riders are of all abilities, young and not so young, steady and lightning fast. Everyone should ride safely, encourage each other to achieve their best and respect each other.

Thanet RC has been “cycling for generations” and is “a cycling club for all”.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me by email or in person at any of the events.

Michael Friend

Time Trial Secretary (Thanet RC)

70th ANNIVERSARY HOG ROAST – Please buy your tickets ASAP

Following the 70th anniversary ride which is starting and finishing at Betteshanger on Sunday 9th July there will be a hog roast taking place by the hut.

This is in place of the summer barbecue that normally occurs at Bell Meadow. The hog roast is being supplied by Coastal Roasters (the same as at Colin Robinson’s birthday ride) and as well as the meat will include a selection of salads and an alternative for vegetarians.

There will also be cakes etc for dessert. The cost will be £10 for adults and £6.50 for children under 12. Everybody is welcome to come along whether you have ridden or not. A great opportunity to share an afternoon with friends and family.

Bring your own chairs, rugs to sit on.


Evening “10” Mile Time Trial – 7th June 2017

After a couple of weeks of fine weather, the wind returned to Betteshanger CP with a vengeance for the latest evening time trial. The strong south westerly meant that it was a struggle down the main straight, and temperatures fell away sharply as the sun dropped.

There was a field of 7 juniors, 29 seniors and a 2-up pairing taking part. The fastest of the juniors was Ollie Robinson, with 21.57, which was also the fastest ride overall. In spite of the conditions, Freya Cook knocked some time off her PB for 10 miles to finish with 32.36. John Osborn (Folkestone VC) was our fastest senior rider with 22.41, while Scott Meeks was fastest senior Thanet RC rider with 23.26.

All times can be found in the attached PDF files.

This week’s helpers were Teresa Childs, Nicola Goodban, Jenny Fearn, Terry Fearn, Dave Mastin and Andy McCall.

Juniors BCP 7th June.pdf

Seniors BCP – 7th June.pdf

TRC riders road racing weekend update

So much racing TRC riders are involved in and difficult to keep a track of all results so if I miss anything please let me know.

London Nocturne
TRC had four riders in the support race at the Nocturne in field of 90. The race was extremely fast at 27mph average on 1km lap in the city of London by St Paul’s. Ollie Robinson got lots of name checks on the commentary as broke away with another rider for 3-4 laps before being brought back and finished 13th in the bunch sprint. Toby Perry rode a very strong race in the high class field and finished 58th with Rob Milnes at 74th and Alex Ashman DNF.

Report from Jo Smith on her weekend

For some reason it seemed like a good plan to enter both the women’s elite race and the women’s fixed Crit at the London Nocturne on Saturday and the women’s national omnium series round at Halesowen on Sunday! At midnight driving through central London, it did not seem such a great plan!!

The first race of my busy weekend was the London Nocturne fixed gear Crit – the first time a women’s only fixed Crit has been run at the Nocturne. A strong international field made for a fast race. Unfortunately about halfway through the race, a big crash stopped the race. With a tight schedule for the evening, we restarted with just 5 laps to go. I tried to hold position at the front of the race but got stuck on a very dodgy wheel going into the last lap and had to chase a long way in the final straight to come home in 5th, not what I hoped for, but not too bad really!

There were only 30 minutes between the fixed and the elite races so I had a quick kit change into my TRC skinsuit and a spin to the other end of the circuit where the “pro” races started. I arrived just in time for the briefing and managed to get close to the front for the “neutral” lap. Anyone who has ever raced a city centre Crit will know that a neutral lap is anything but neutral! I was pleased to be able to stay in the wheels and stick with the front group for half of the race before my legs stopped playing! I finished the race solo, just avoiding getting lapped (I actually went through the chequered flag first – the leaders finished 2sec behind me!) Bit gutted I wasn’t allowed to finish my final lap, but fairly happy to finish in 26th.

On to Sunday, not enough sleep, my lovely fixie bike and a whole load of the BC junior squad racing too. I warmed up my poor tired legs and focussed on doing a half decent 500m TT. I felt pretty pleased with my effort, but thought Rob was teasing me when he told me I was fastest! A good start! 7th in the scratch race and 3rd in the keirin put me in 3rd overall going into the pursuit. I knew I was going to be down in the pursuit with a whole load of specialists, but I had a shocker!! My legs just wouldn’t do it and I finished 10th putting me down in 6th, on equal points with 5th. I was suffering in the points race, but tried to hide in the wheels as much as I could to hold onto my 6th overall – good enough to put me into the overall National Series with two rounds to go later in the season. It was awesome racing with such talented juniors, especially my old teamie Lucy who had a great day to take 9th overall!

On Sunday Ollie, Alex Ashman and George Bussey rode the 2nd in the SE junior series in Sussex. Both George and Alex were very unlucky to suffer punctures. Ollie escaped the peloton with 3 laps (25miles) to go and formed a final lead group of 2 which finished more than 1 min ahead of peloton. Ollie did not quite have the legs for the sprint and took 2nd but now holds the overall series lead.

Spring in the park continued again last Friday with the usual TRC supporting the races. Thorsten(8th) in the under 8 race, Max (4th) Ludhaigh (9th) and Ilana (7th girl) in the under 10. Freya continued her good form for 4th in the U12 girls. Emily Heasman was 4th in the under 14 girls and Lance 5th and Jack 11th in the boys. Finally George Pittock just got blocked in the sprint in the U16 boys race to finish 17th

Reports by Colin Robinson.