Thanet RC Evening “10” – 5th August 2020

Due to the popularity of the evening “10’s” with club members, this week the size of the field was increased from 40 to 50 riders. In the end, 46 riders took part due to a few late withdrawals. Once again, the weather was warm and sunny, but this week the wind had picked up. On the whole, times were slightly slower, although a few riders did improve by a small margin.

As in previous weeks, we had a good field of junior riders. Making her debut was 11 year old Nina Reid, who rode well on a difficult night for a first outing. Fastest junior this week was Sam Hodge with 24.11, whilst 2nd place went to the fastest girl rider, Catherine Morrell, in a time of 26.11.

Second claim member Chris Fennell of the Independent Pedaler was quickest senior rider with a good time of 19.07. Second place and first Thanet RC member was Nic Fennell with 20.29. On her first evening “10” of the year, Sophie Driscoll was top woman rider. Sophie’s time was 26.14.

The times of all riders can be found in the attached PDF files.

Ours thanks as always go out to our helpers. This week, they were Jo Smith, Mike Kirkness, Andrew Morrell, Brian Hood, Jez Dack, Terry Fearn, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors BCP 5th August.pdf

Seniors BCP 5th August.pdf

Thanet RC Evening “10” – 29th July 2020

Once again, we had some decent weather and a good turnout for the second post-lockdown evening “10” mile time trial at Betteshanger Country Park (BCP). It was warm and sunny, but with the usual BCP breeze. On the whole, the times were broadly similar to the previous week, although some riders were quicker, others were slower, and a few were within a couple of seconds of last week’s ride.

The juniors made up a good proportion of the field, with George Pittock coming out on top once again. George’s time of 22.29 was a 20 second improvement over his ride from the previous week. Last week, Catherime Morrell had the disappointment of a puncture just before the start, but this week she got round in a time of 26.09 and was fastest girl rider.

The top places for man and woman riders this week went to second claim members and Independent Pedlar riders, Chris Fennell and Emma Lewis. Chris did a tremendous ride, breaking the 19 minute barrier with 18.58, while Emma recorded 21.38, which was also good for 3rd overall. In second place was Nic Fennell, as the fastest Thanet RC man, with a fine sub 20 minute ride of 19.57. Breda Pooke was quickest Thanet RC woman in a time of 29.39.

The times of all riders can be found in the attached PDF files.

Thanks to this week’s band of helpers, Sue Shields, Paul Griffiths, Mike Kirkness, Andrew Morrell, Terry Fearn, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors BCP 29th July.pdf

Seniors BCP – 29th July.pdf

Thanet RC Evening “10” – 22nd July 2020

After the enforced shutdown of cycling events due to Covid-19, it was great to be able to resume our evening time trials this week at Betteshanger Country Park (BCP). This first event was very much a test event to learn how to hold an event under the current restrictions. We limited the event to a maximum of 40 riders, and just Thanet RC first and second claim members. We did not have a pusher off, and riders were started one at a time rather than in pairs as in previous years. Social distancing was also observed, including a separate sign on area and no results available on the night.

There was a great turn out of both riders, friends and helpers, all of whom seemed happy to meet up after months of isolation. The weather was good by the standards of BCP with warm sunshine but a steady breeze.

There was an excellent junior field, including two new members, Freddie Sutton and Sam Hodge who both did very respectable rides. Geroge Pittock was fastest junior with a good time of 22.49, while Millie Dack got inside 30 minutes with 29.59 to be fastest girl.

Moving onto the senior riders, second claim member Dan Martin (Team Derby) produced a rapid ride to record 19.52 for first place. In second place was the fastest first claim member, Nic Fennell with 20.15. Another second claim member, Emma Lewis (the Independent Pedlar) came 5th and was first woman rider. Emma’s time was 22.14, while Jenny Fearn was fastest first claim woman on her new TT bike with 34.03.

Times for all riders can be found in the attached PDF files.

A big thank you to all our helpers on the night, Terry Fearn, Nicola Goodban, Andrew Morrell, Paul Griffiths, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin. We must also thank the Thanet RC committee for drawing up the method and schedule for these events, in particular, Simon Henderson and Michael Friend for their input.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors BCP 22nd July.pdf

Seniors BCP – 22nd July.pdf

Results from last round of the Zwift TT League

Results from last round of the Zwift TT League

1. Keith Brown 21:25
2. Samuel Hodge 21:30
3. Dan van Hinsbergh 21:45
4. Mark Huckstep 22:13
5= Rob Milnes 22:17
5= Colin Robinson 22:17
7. Mark Hill 22:34
8. Steve Gibson 22:44
9. Simon Henderson 22:45
10. Andrew Lock 23:12
11. Ben Blakeman 23:28
12. Jatinder Soomal 23:54
13. Michael Friend 24:10
14. Ryan Jackson 24:18
15. Martin Russell 24:19
16. Julie Mobey 24:46
17. Matthew Hall 24:59
18. Paul Kirkness 25:24
19. Victoria Strila 26:22
20. Ilana Lord 26:40
21. Millie Dack 26:45

Zwift 10 mile TT results round 13

Latest round of TRC 10 mile TT Zwift series results. This was on very tough gravel jungle circuit which suited MTB more than TT

1. Samuel Hodge 25:20
2. Keith Brown 26:17
3. Alex Dack 26:47
4. Dan van Hinsbergh 26:58
5. Mark Hill 27:16
6. Mark Huckstep 27:19
7. Ferne Peirce 27:36
8. Simon Henderson27:41
9. Rob Milnes 28:28
10. Steve Penny 28:48
11. Andrew Lock 28:55
12. Michael Friend30:32
13. Cameron Carthew 31:12
14. Julie Mobey 31:21
15. Jamie Harris 31:31
16. Martin Russell 31:36
17. Paul Kirkness 32:28
18. Peter Huckstep 33:19
19. Victoria Strila 35:37
20. Matthew Hall 37:02
21. Jeff Blunsdon 37:20
22. Ilana Lord 45:57

2-up @Ben Blakeman and colin Robinson 26:20

TRC Zwift league round 12

Results of Round 12 Thanet RC Zwift series:
1. Keith Brown 21:39
2 Ferne Peirce 21:58
3. Matt Seward 22:14
4. Dan van Hinsbergh 22:15
5= Samuel Hodge 22:23
5= Mark Huckstep 22:23
7. Rob Milnes 22:32
8. Colin Robinson 22:34
9. Steve Gibson 22:39
10. Mark Hill 22:44
11. Simon Henderson 22:48
12. Michael Friend 22:51
13. Steve Penny 23:11
14. Andrew Lock 23:49
15. Craig Stubbersfield 23:53
16. Peter Huckstep 23:54
17. Simon Charles 24:04
18. Jamie Harris 24:11
19. Ryan Jackson 24:14
20. Martin Russell 24:41
21. Julie Mobey 25:19
22. Paul Kirkness 25:35
23. Max Robinson 25:51
24. Victoria Strila 26:22
25. Millie Dean 28:16
26. Jo Smith 30:41

Thanet RC Zwift 10 mile TT league round 11

Round 11 of TRC Zwift tackled the toughest course so far in Yorkshire. Well done Keith Brown and Ferne for again taking the win : 1. Keith Brown 24:31
2. Ferne Peirce 24:37
3. Nik Allen 25:04
4. Colin Robinson 25:19
5. Luke Gibson 25:27
6. Rob Milnes 25:30
7. Mark Huckstep 25:35
8. Dan van Hinsbergh 25:36
9. Joe Austin 25:53
10. Simon Henderson 25:59
11. Mark Hill 26:10
12. Alex Woolley 26:38
13. Steve Penny 27:34
14. Sam Hodge 27:48
15. Jamie Harris 27:56
16. Michael Friend 28:08
17. Julie Mobey 29:11
18. Martin Russell 29:40
19. Peter Huckstep 30:03
20. Millie Dack 30:28
21. Paul Kirkness 30:44
22. Millie Dean 31:23
23. Chris Lord 32:18
24. Simon Charles 32:25
25. Victoria Strila 33:17
26. Max Robinson 34:08
27. Matthew Hall 34:49
28. Ilana Lord 41:18

Thanet RC 10 mile Zwift league. Round 10

Results of round 10 Thanet RC Zwift 10 mile TT league. Well done Keith Brown for the win and Ferne for a super quick time. Results:
1. Keith Brown 22:02
2. Dan van Hinsbergh 22:16
3. Ferne Peirce 22:18
4. Matt Bristow 22:22
5. Colin Robinson 22:25
6. Mark Huckstep 22:35
7. Mark Hill 22:48
8. Simon Henderson 22:55
9. Alex Woolley 22:57
10. Alex Dack 23:14
11. Steve Penny 24:07
12. Andrew Lock 24:09
13. Michael Friend 24:11
14. Ben Blakeman 24:23
15. Jamie Harris 24:30
16. Cameron Carthew 24:38
17. Julie Mobey 24:54
18.= Martin Russell 24:56
18= Peter Huckstep24:56
20. Matthew Hall 25:21
21. Paul Kirkness 26:11
22. Victoria Strila 26:31
23. Jo Smith 29:37
24. Ilana Lord 37:14

Round 9 TRC Zwift club 10 league.

Back to the flat tonight taking on the desert course on a hot night for round 9 of TRC Zwift club 10s. Great times for our youngsters 😀 1. Dan van Hinsbergh 21:39
2. George Pittock 21:44
3. Ilana Lord 21:45
4. Colin Robinson 22:22
5. Mark Huckstep 22:27
6. Mark Hill 22:36
7. Rob Milnes 22:51
8. Simon Henderson 22:55
9. Ben Blakeman 23:18
10. Peter Huckstep 23:28
11. Ian Stephens 23:30
12. David Lynch 23:36
13. Andrew Lock 23:41
14. Steve Penny 23:48
15. Alex Dack 23:50
16. Michael Friend 24:06
17. Julie Mobey 24:08
18. Ferne Peirce 24:12
19. Martin Russell 24:25
20. Peter McCarvill 24:44
21. Jamie Harris 24:49
22. Matthew Hall 25:00
23. Simon Charles 25:03
24. Adrian Butcher 25:10
25. Steve Gibson 25:16
26= Cameron Carthew 25:36
26= Millie Dean 25:36
28. Paul Kirkness 25:48
29. Victoria Strila 26:06
30. Caroline Rigby 29:19
Alex Woolley DNF

Post by Colin Robinson.

George continues great form

George Pittock had another excellent result at yesterday’s RGT Isle of Man National – the second of three virtual races on the indoor training app that have been set up to replace the British Cycling Junior Men’s Road Series.

Once again the race attracted a good field of junior men from across Europe, using the Isle of Man TT course along the coast from Douglas to Ramsey and back inland over the mountains with 2,566ft of climbing on the 45km circuit.

A fast start saw the race split up very quickly, with only 20 riders in the main peloton after just 5km. George was well palced at the top of the 9km ascent of Snaefell at 1331ft, the summit at the 32km point, and stayed in on the fast descent into Douglas. He finished eighth overall and second placed GB rider.