Successes at Cyclopark Youth Races

Lots of fun at Cyclopark for Thanet and Deal Junior riders today. Sam, Seb, William K, Pepe, Felix, Nina, Claudia, Betty & Ilana gave their all on the track and can be proud of their performances. William recovered well from an early crash and chain off. Special mention to Sam Benson of VC Deal who came a very convincing 2nd place in his race…not bad for his first ever race!!! Well done everyone.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Youth riders at GHS national TT champs

Thanet RC and VC Deal fun at Mallory Park GHS National Youth TT.

Well done to all 4 of our riders. Dougie 28.03 (3rd in 12s), Casey 25.36 (3rd in 13s), Ferne 26 43 (5th W14s), Toby 26.29 (14th in large field of 15s)

Post by colin robinson

Thanet RC Evening “10” – 1st September 2021

The final evening 10 mile time trial of 2021 at Betteshanger CP was held in grey, cool and breezy conditions. Some riders improved on their times from last week, but on the whole, most riders were a bit slower than last week’s times.

We had a field of 34 riders overall, consisting of 11 junior riders and 23 senior riders.

Our fastest junior was second claim member Lance Childs (CC Cartagena) with a great time of 21.17, which also was the best time of the evening overall. Alex Dack came second with 26.27 as fastest Thanet RC boy, just ahead of Ferne Peirce in third. Ferne was fastest Thanet RC girl with 26.37.

Top spot in the senior field went Simon Henderson with 23.14. In second place was new second claim member Lee Buckman in a time of 23.24. Unfortunately, Lee had a nasty tumble just after the finish where he somersaulted over the bars and landed heavily. Hopefully, Lee wasn’t too badly hurt and best wishes from all for a quick recovery. Jenny Benson (VC Deal) came top of the times for the women riders with 26.07, and Faye Faiers was quickest Thanet RC woman with 27.16.

As usual, times for all riders can be found in the PDF files.

A big thanks as always to our helpers; this week they were Teresa Childs, Terry Fearn, Malcolm Adams, Paul Griffiths,

Seniors BCP 1st Sept.pdf

Juniors BCP 1st Sept.pdf

Thanet RC Evening “10” – 25th August 2021

This week’s evening 10 mile time trial was the penultimate one of the 2021 season. A sunny afternoon turned into a rather cloudy and cool one by the time riders took to the start line. The wind was quite strong from the north east which did affect times to a degree. A total of 37 riders signed on, made up with 14 juniors and 23 seniors.

Our fastest junior rider was also the fastest overall. Sam Hodge of Trainsharp recorded a very good time of 21.29. In second place in the junior field was Tallulah Butcher, who was both quickest girl and first Thanet RC rider in a very respectable time of 25.26. Dougie Tulett was the first Thanet RC boy with 27.55, which was also a PB. Lawson Bax was unable to finish due to dropping his chain.

The positions of fastest male and female senior riders both went to second claim members; Shawn Manning recorded 22.40, while Jenny Benson’s time was 26.51. Simon Henderson was second senior and fastest Thanet RC member in a time of 23.31, while quickest Thanet RC woman was Faye Faiers with 27.11.

Next week is the final evening "10", and the roadworks which caused delays this week are still likely to be ongoing so you may need to consider allowing more time to get to the park.

Please see the PDF files for times of all riders.

This week’s helpers were Terry Fearn, David Tulett, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Seniors BCP 25th Aug.pdf

Juniors BCP 25th Aug.pdf

Various Thanet RC Time Trials – 18th August 2021

This week’s time trial at Bettershanger CP was listed as a 3-up, although we allowed riders to ride solo or pair up with another rider to form a 2-up team. The distance was either 5 or 7 laps, the choice being down to each rider/team. The weather was fair but as is usually the case at Betteshanger, there was a stiff breeze from the south west.

In total, 35 riders took part, with a mixture of juniors and seniors and solos, 2-up and 3-up teams. There were some very good times posted, which illustrated the benefit of being able to draft behind team mates to save some energy. A fine example of this was the Butcher family with dad Adrian guiding William and Harriet to a time of 28.06 for 5 laps, which is a bit longer than10 miles.

The times of all riders can be found in the attached PDF file.

Thanks to our helpers this week, Malcolm Adams, Simon Henderson and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Various Time Trials – BCP 18th Aug.pdf

Betteshanger Bike Jumble Tomorrow

VC Deal Cycle Jumble in association with Betteshanger Country Park
Saturday 21st August 2021
From 11am to 3pm
Stall holders are permitted to set-up from 10am
Buy & Sell cycling equipment; bikes, components, clothing, books, memorabilia, new, 2nd hand, vintage.
Including David’s amazing Second-hand Bike Book Stall.
Free Entry !! for buyers and sellers just remember to pay for your parking ! As there’s an ANPR controlled car park at Betteshanger Country Park.
Come along and grab a bargain, chat about cycling and meet members of the local cycling community.
Refreshments & toilets available on-site

Thanet RC Evening “10” – 11/08/21

Once again, we were blessed with some reasonable weather for the latest evening "10" mile time trial at Betteshanger CP.. It was warm with a south westerly breeze. Times were reasonable, but most riders were a few seconds slower than last week.

The junior field contained 9 riders, with Ferne Peirce top of the times and fastest girl too. Ferne’s time was 26.50. Second place and fastest boy, with a time of 28.07was Dougie Tulett.

Mark Hill of VeloRefined came out on top in the seniors event with 21.48. Second place and quickest of the TRC first claim riders was Simon Henderson with a time of 23.29.. Tanya Scott was top woman rider with 25.55, and this was on a road bike.

Times can be found in the PDF documents.

Thanks to all our helpers, Terry Fearn, David Tulett, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin.

The next event in 18th August is a three up so get your teams entered ASAP. If you can’t get a team of three you can still enter as a solo rider, or do a 2-up if you are unable to get a third rider.

Report by Dave Mastin

Juniors BCP 11th Aug.pdf

Seniors BCP 11th Aug.pdf