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Posted Jim Dickson

Dear Members

Having completed a good turn on the front I am ready to flick my elbow and hope that someone else will come through to take my place on the committee.

I have enjoyed following the club membership and business over the last couple of years; the club is in a great place with lots going on. That said, I feel that I am not quite so involved in club events as in the past and think that It is right to make way for someone closer to the hub to take up the reins. With Emma before me, Dicksons have looked after the Secretary role for 4 years and I think that the time is right to step down this year.

The role is an administrative one and largely computerised through e-mail, social media and Brish Cycling Clubmanger; all stuff that would be easy to pick up.

The rules state:

(c) General Secretary. Deals with affiliations and correspondence with cycling bodies. Maintains a membership roll and deals with non-racing aspect of Club business. Organises and records decisions of committee and members meetings. Maintains the rule book and organises the Annual General Meeting

It is very rewarding to be at the centre of a club like Thanet Road Club and I am sure that someone else will find it as fulfilling as I have done.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Best wishes,


Secretary Thanet Road Club


Posted by Jim Dickson, Secretary


will be held at the Bell Meadow Pavilion, St Nicholas, 1930 Friday 4 November 2016.

The minutes to the last year’s AGM were distributed to the membership via the club website on 22 Dec 15. I attach the minutes to this e-mail but all other supporting documents can be found on the following link

Items for the agenda for this year’s meeting are to be forwarded to myself at thanetrcsec by 28 Oct 16.

Nominations for the DAVE SAFFERY CUP – ‘Awarded annually for services to the club. Nominations to be submitted to the secretary for a ballot among members present at the AGM. ‘ should also be forwarded to myself at thanetrcsec @ by 28 Oct 16 in order to allow for preparation of ballot papers.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Secretary Thanet Road Club

Secretary Thanet Road Club

Thanet RC riders receive grant from Kent County Playing Fields Association.

Hamish O’Reilly and George Pittock have both applied for grants from the Hawkes Bursary award (part of the Kent County Playing Fields Association) and were recently successfully in received £300 each towards Hamish’s Triathlon Academy training camp next February and George’s cycling equipment. The club would like to thank Kent County Playing Fields Association for these two very kind donations to these young promising athletes.

Lance and George start well in London Youth Track League Series

George Pittock and Lance Childs represented Thanet RC at the opening round of the London Youth Track League 2016/17 (LYTL) at the Lee Valley Velodrome last night (Thursday).

The 96 boys and girls on the start list read like a “who’s who” of youth racing and underlined the achievement of both boys in being selected to race.

Groups are based on ability rather than licence category and riders can be moved up or down depending on performance. George and Lance were placed in the middle of three boys groups and comfortably held their own amongst some notable opposition. Provisional results were:

Scratch Race: George 18th out of 27, Lance 16th

1km Dash: George 16th, Lance 15th

Elimination Race: George 20th, Lance DNF due to crash

40 Lap Points Race: George 12th, Lance 15th.

This was a good solid start for Lance in his third season at LYTL and for George on his debut in the competition, and both can look forward to the next round with confidence. LYTL continues fortnightly on Thursday evenings for a total of 10 rounds.

Post by Phil Pittock

TRC at the RTTC National Closed Circuit Championships

TRC at the RTTC National Closed Circuit Championships

The final RTTC Championships Time Trial event of the season concludes for the 3rd time at Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit for the Closed Circuit Championship. Hosted by Antelope RT. With over 300 riders on the start sheet, including 73 juniors, 39 women and 201 men. This event also uses transponders for timing.

The course is held on the Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit, all riders complete 5 laps of the circuit which totals 11.5 miles of racing. Being a motor racing circuit, it’s closed off from all traffic and is wide sweeping road with only two chicanes which don’t pose much challenge on a bike, and a rise on the end section of the lap which drags during the race. The circuit feels similar to Betshanger Country Park track, except with a more elevation gain.

The weather conditions were wet to start, with heavy rain for the juniors but cleared for the women and men. As the rain cleared a stiff western wind picked up which caused a head wind up the back straight and the hill.

Thanet Road Club had two riders at this event; Chris and Nic Fennell, both finishing their time trial season with this final event.

Chris was the last rider off. Finished a bit disappointed with the ride saying he was feeling tired from the long season of 51 time trials and now looking forward to a rest. However finished with a good time of 23:49 which puts him 5th*.

Nic had a good ride taking a chunk off his course PB, even with feeling increasing wind as the ride went on. Happy with the ride after good season with multiple new PBs, but also now ready for a rest after 51 time trials. Finishing with a time of 26:48 placing 66th*, his best position in a National Championship event this season.

Final results of Thanet Riders was:
Chris Fennell – 23:49 – 5th*
Nic Fennell – 26:48 – 66th*

The winner of the event was Josh Teasdale (Pro Race Cycling Team) with a time of 23:03*
2nd – Matthew Smith (Team Bottrill) – 23:09*
3rd – John Dewey (Team Bottrill) – 23:18*

Other local riders included:
Kevin Tye (VeloRefined Aerosmiths)- 24:24 – 15th*
Emma Lewis (Adalta cc) – 26:08 – 1st Women*. An excellent ride by Emma to top the Women’s event. Big congratulations!

*All results are awaiting confirmation.
Report by Nic Fennell

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Thanet RC very strong showing at EKCX event

Super turnout again at the EKCX CycloX event this morning by TRC riders organised by VC Deal. 10 riders in the U10-U12 race with some great podium performances. Toby, Jack and Hamish in the U14-16 race. Toby Perry in the juniors, Caroline Rigby and Nicola Goodban in the women’s race and Phil Cook, Simon Neame and some old 50 year old bloke in the vets. Well done all results and other photos to follow.