New TRC Club Kit Competition

At the last AGM (2018) the committee was given the go-ahead to explore the option of a new club kit.

This history of TRC jerseys can be seen here:

The adoption of a new design is not certain and will be subject to a member vote at this year’s AGM.

The possibility of a new club kit will follow this process:

1. Any member may submit a proposed new jersey (and shorts) design * Deadline: Noon 15/10/19

i. The design may be submitted in any format

* Digitally by email to
* On paper to: TRC Kit Competition, 1 Millbank Cottages, Millbank, Canterbury, CT3 4LP

ii. Designs must be done in the current club colours which are red/yellow/black.

iii. Submissions will also be accepted including blue which was a club colour previously

1. The committee will select a shortlist of 3 designs which will then be submitted to an on-line member vote to see which is most popular; the vote will conclude before the AGM.(15/11/19)
2. Then, at the AGM the members will have a vote to either adopt the winning new design OR to not change the club kit and stick with the existing design shown here:

Note: This does not affect the Race Team kit which will remain as is.

Any questions please contact

2 thoughts on “New TRC Club Kit Competition

  1. I think the 70th anniversary jersey design is the best very cool, sometimes you can try too hard and have too many bells and whistles

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