TRC Team TT on Zwift

Thanet RC held the first team time trial on Zwift last night. We had teams from Thanet, Worthing and Wigmore CC. These were teams of 4 with time taken on 3rd rider. The course was 30km rolling terrain in France. Team results as follows:

1. Worthing ECC41:55
2. Thanet RC Team Giro 43:59
3. Wigmore CC Team.1 44:26
4. Thanet RC Team Tour 47:55
5. Thanet RC team Butcher 48:28
6. Thanet Rc Team Vuelta 49:00
7. Wigmore Team.2 50.52

Solo results.

Solo results
1. R.Jackson 44:29
2. @Matt Bristow 44:56
3. J.Simpson 48:53
4. D.Saul 50:06
5. P.Reid 50:09

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