25 mile Evening Time Trial, 18th April 2018

The first 25 of the season was held at Betteshanger in warm and sunny conditions and we had one of the biggest fields ever for the longer distance. In total, 42 riders signed on, including a very healthy group of 10 juniors.

The times recorded were very good, aided by the fine conditions and one or two other factors! In fact there was 15 rides under the hour by the senior riders. Alex Ashman was fastest junior rider with a fine 1:01:45, and Catherine Morrell was first girl with a very creditable 1:09:32. It is believed that there were a couple of new age records; for a 13 year old girl by Talulah Butcher and for a 10 year old boy by Max Robinson.

Moving onto the seniors, Chris Fennell of The Independent Pedlar and second claim TRC member recorded an exceptional time of 50:31. In second place was the fastest TRC rider, Nic Fennell with 52:02. The quickest woman was another Independent Pedlar, Emma Lewis with a time of 56:11 which was also good enough for 5th place overall. Faye Faiers was the first of the TRC women with a good time of 1:07:32. Finally there was an age record for Jenny Fearn as well.

All times can be found in the attached PDFs.

Many thanks as ever go to the band of helpers who ensure the event can take place. This week they were Sue Shields, Terry Fearn, Brian Hood, Andrew Morrell, Pete Huckstep, Colin Robinson, Rob Milnes, Malcolm Adams, Andy Faiers and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors BCP 18th April.pdf

Seniors BCP 18th April.pdf

KCA 25 Mile Time Trial, 15/04/18

There was success for club riders at the KCA 25 held on the Chilham-Canterbury-Ashford course. The event was held in grey, cool conditions with a light SW wind. First place went to Nic Fennell in a time of 53.23, and he led the winning team of three which included Adrian Hawkins (57.31) and Mike Kirkness (59.11).

Not so fortunate was Huck Garip, who suffered a mechanical issue early in his ride, and second claim member Chris Fennell, who was one of a number of riders to pick up a puncture.

Club times in starting order:-
Rob Milnes: 1.00.24,
Martin Russell: 1.04.49,
Paul Griffiths: 1.15.30,
Andy Burrows: 1.14.58,
Paul Kirkness: 1.07.22,
Mike Kirkness: 59.11,
Simon Charles: 1.09.54,
Dave Mastin: 1.10.36,
Adrian Hawkins: 57.31,
Chris Bax (2nd claim): 1.04.27,
Nick Fennell: 53.23.

DNF – Huck Garip and Chris Fennell.
DNS – Andy McCall and Rick Perkins.

Thanks go to second member Ray Whibley for running the event, and to Chris Burrows, Terry and Jenny Fearn for timing the event.

Report by Dave Mastin.

TRC Evening 10 Mile Time Trial, 11th April 2018

The conditions for the second Wednesday evening time trial of 2018 at Betteshanger CP were somewhat better than the previous week. it was still a grey and misty evening, but the wind was lighter from the north east, which meant the temperature was still in single figures.

With better conditions came a larger field and some better times were recorded. 47 riders signed on, comprising 10 juniors, 35 seniors and a 2-up pairing.

The fastest junior rider was Charlie Burgess with 25.00, and the fastest girl rider was Scarlett Bates who recorded a time of 28.55. Douglas Tulett took 16 minutes off his PB, and there was an age record for a 6 year old girl for Harriet Butcher (44.46).

It was a close thing for first and second in the senior event, with Nic Fennell just edging out Dan Martin by three seconds. Nic recorded a fine 20.59 to Dan’s 20.59. The fastest woman was Hilary Powell of Adalta CC in 26.11, just ahead Nicola Goodban who was the quickest Thanet RC woman with 26.15. Finally, the father and daughter pairing of Catherine and Andrew Morrell recorded 29.44.

Please see the attached PDF documents for all the times.

This weeks band of helpers was Shawn Manning, Andy Faiers, Colin Robinson, Malcolm Adams, Sue Shields, Terry Fearn and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors BCP11th April.pdf

Seniors BCP – 11th April.pdf

TRC weekend results

Sorry for the delay but lots of our riders in action last weekend. Below is a summary
Post by Colin Robinson

Toby Perry took 15th place on GC in the Junior national series race (Tour of the Mendips). Toby secured a brilliant 3rd place on stage 2 road race which followed the morning time trail. In the final hilly road stage lost 47 secs to the leader but still held on for a brilliant result

Well done to all young TRC riders that took part in the Primivera races held at Lee Valley road circuit on Saturday organised by Hackney CC
Ben Hutton took 5th in the U10, Lughaigh Cook 16th in U12, Tom Hutton 17th in U14 boys, Tallulah Butcher 6th and Freya Cook 8th in U14 Girls. Finally George Pittock6th and Jack Hill 26th. All results in weblink below



British Cycling

West Kent RC Open 10 Mile Time Trial Held on the Q10/22 course
PROVISIONAL – My interpretation of a picture of the result board only – Please email us at bobby@spinwheels.org This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any time that needs correctiing.
Thanks to Dave Stocker (Abellio SFA RT)

No. Firstname Lastname Club Gender CAT AGE STD Time Vet +/-
1 Christopher Fennell The Independent Pedaler Male Senior 00:20:14
2 neil lauder PMR @ Toachim House Male Senior 00:20:38
3 Nicholas Fennell Thanet RC Male Senior 00:20:40
4 Mike Piper Abellio – SFA Racing Team Male Veteran 00:26:04 00:21:18 00:04:46
5 Andrew Meilak VeloRefined.com Aerosmiths Male Veteran 00:26:50 00:21:32 00:05:18
6 nik allen Worthing Excelsior CC Male Veteran 00:26:27 00:21:36 00:04:51
7 Mark Baker Abellio – SFA Racing Team Male Veteran 00:26:13 00:22:05 00:04:08
8 Mark Hill VeloRefined.com Aerosmiths Male Veteran 00:26:45 00:22:07 00:04:38
9 Gary Grayland CC Bexley Male Veteran 00:26:59 00:22:14 00:04:45
10 Damen Foord Direct Power Cycling Team Male Senior 00:22:17
11 Adrian Hawkins Thanet RC Male Veteran 00:26:41 00:22:23 00:04:18
12 Michael Porter 34 Nomads CC Male Veteran 00:26:50 00:22:32 00:04:18
13 John Osborn Folkestone Velo Club Male Veteran 00:26:32 00:22:35 00:03:57
14 James Ashburnham Rye & District Wheelers CC Male Senior 00:22:47
15 Colin Newton Folkestone Velo Club Male Senior 00:22:54
16 Matthew Stammers Abellio – SFA Racing Team Male Senior 00:22:55
17 Stephen Wilkinson Folkestone Velo Club Male Veteran 00:26:54 00:23:18 00:03:36
18 Nicholas Scott Thanet RC Male Senior 00:23:21
19 Dave Stocker Abellio – SFA Racing Team Male Veteran 00:26:59 00:23:34 00:03:25
20 Scott Meeks Thanet RC Male Veteran 00:26:32 00:23:40 00:02:52
21= David Greenwood Rye & District Wheelers CC Male Veteran 00:26:59 00:23:46 00:03:13
21= Andy Branson Ashford Whs Male Veteran 00:26:41 00:23:46 00:02:55
23= Mark Wright Rye & District Wheelers CC Male Veteran 00:26:41 00:23:59 00:02:42
23= Daniel Gooding Ashford Road CC Male Senior 00:23:59
25 Sam Day CS Grupetto Male Veteran 00:26:18 00:24:14 00:02:04
26= Michael Ashcroft West Kent RC Male Senior 00:24:16
26= Danny Frost Folkestone Velo Club Male Veteran 00:27:04 00:24:16 00:02:48
28 Tony Carty Tri Spirit Team Male Senior 00:24:22
29 peter chard 4T+ Cyclopark Male Veteran 00:26:50 00:24:36 00:02:14
30 Neal Watson 7 Oaks Tri Male Veteran 00:26:45 00:24:52 00:01:53
31 Colin Ashcroft West Kent RC Male Veteran 00:27:09 00:24:54 00:02:15
32 Richard Payn 34 Nomads CC Male Veteran 00:27:04 00:25:03 00:02:01
33 Martin Russell Thanet RC Male Veteran 00:26:50 00:25:18 00:01:32
34= Jon Hollidge Ashford Whs Male Veteran 00:26:41 00:25:31 00:01:10
34= Ben Hilliar Ashford Road CC Male Senior 00:25:31
36 gary ricks Woolwich CC Male Veteran 00:27:38 00:25:43 00:01:55
37 Charmaine Pullen Folkestone Velo Club Female Veteran 00:28:43 00:26:00 00:02:43
38 James Moss Southborough & Dist. Whs Male Veteran 00:26:45 00:26:19 00:00:26
39 Michael Coulter Gravesend CC Male Veteran 00:29:02 00:26:22 00:02:40
40 Doug Bentall Southborough & Dist. Whs Male Veteran 00:26:54 00:26:34 00:00:20
41 SUSAN WALBROOK Folkestone Velo Club Female Veteran 00:28:24 00:26:49 00:01:35
42 ANDREW MCCALL Thanet RC Male Veteran 00:27:59 00:26:51 00:01:08
43 simon charles Thanet RC Male Veteran 00:26:36 00:26:54 -00:00:18
44 Dave Mastin Thanet RC Male Veteran 00:28:14 00:27:08 00:01:06
45 Tracy Wilkinson-Begg Folkestone Velo Club Female Veteran 00:28:58 00:27:11 00:01:47
46 Robert Philbrook Wigmore CC Male Veteran 00:27:32 00:27:19 00:00:13
47 Natasha Jarman Southborough & Dist. Whs Female Senior 00:28:11
48 Nigel Fry Southborough & Dist. Whs Male Veteran 00:27:14 00:28:12 -00:00:58
49 Ben Murphy Medway Velo Club Male Senior 00:28:47
50 Andy Burrows Thanet RC Male Veteran 00:30:07 00:29:11 00:00:56
51 George Stewart Mid Devon CC Male Junior 00:29:35
52 Jim O’Leary GS Avanti Male Veteran 00:27:44 00:35:11 -00:07:27
Tony Day Sydenham Whs Male Veteran 00:26:32 DNF
Martin Kober San Fairy Ann CC Male Senior DNS
simon jones CC London Male Veteran 00:27:04 DNS
Martin Jessup Gravesend CC Male Veteran 00:26:27 DNS

TRC Evening 10 Mile Time Trial, 4th April 2018

The first evening 10 of the 2018 season at Betteshanger CP was held in challenging conditions, which was not a great surprise, given the recent weather. The wind was strong from a south easterly direction, being particularly cold. The only positive thing about the weather was the event was held in dry conditions.

A total of 25 riders started, made up from 7 juniors and 18 seniors. There were several juniors having their first rides, including William and Harriet Butcher, and Scarlett Bates, who was unlucky to puncture.

George Pittock was the leading junior with 26.12, just 3 seconds ahead of Charlie Burgess. Fastest girl was Tallulah Butcher in a time of 33.17. The fastest senior was Ollie Robinson, riding in his Team Wiggins colours, with 21.18. This was just 6 seconds quicker than the club’s fastest rider, Nic Fennell (26.24). Third place went to Dan Martin University of Bath CC with 21.45. The fastest woman rider was TRC’s Abbie Langley with 29.02.

Times of all riders are to be found in the attached PDF documents.

This week, we had an abundance of helpers, several of whom opted to help rather than ride! The helpers were Nicola Goodban, Jenny Fearn, Tom Hutton, Paul Griffiths, Lawrence Martin, Michael Friend, Terry Fearn, Colin Robinson, Deborah McCall, Andy McCall and Dave Mastin.

Juniors BCP 4th April.pdf

Seniors BCP – 4th April.pdf