Sam Hodge selected for Train Sharp junior development team 2021

Some great news from junior member Samuel Hodge

I am happy to say that it have been selected to race for the train sharp junior development team next year. I would like to thank everyone at Thanet RC for helping me progress in such a short amount of time and giving me a platform to progress as a rider as well as a person. I would like to say especially thank you to Colin Robinson who has supported me through my first few months of training and racing, greatly and given me the opportunity to go forward with my goals and ambitions. Many Thanks Samuel Hodge

Thanet RC Zwift TT league round 2

Results from round.2 of the TRC Zwift 10 mile TT series. Well done to Nic Fennell and Ferne Peirce on first places and also Ben Blakeman of winning the green jersey sprint prize.

Post by Colin Robinson

TRC at the RTTC National Circuit Championships

This year the national circuit championships was hosted by London East District. And held on the E33/25 near Newmarket, Suffolk.

This marks the final national TT event of the year.

The course was two 12.5mile laps, triangular in shape, with 2 sharp junctions and a large sweeping roundabout. The first part of the lap was fairly fast with one drag over the flyover for the A11 with a short sharp descent, which wasn’t long enough to pull the speed up much with. The second leg was gently rolling, the final part of the lap was rolling with one significant rise shortly after the turn. Mostly the course dragged uphill with the only real downhill on the first leg of the lap, meaning the overall average speeds were down on previous events.

The weather conditions were cold around 9C but very still which made for even conditions around the laps. Traffic on the course was light making for a safe event.

Thanet Road Club had two first claim members and three third claim members riding.

Sophie Driscoll was the first of TRC rider off setting a time of 1:07:04 a good time for her second 25mile TT, placing her 21st in the women’s event.

Nic Fennell was the other first claim member finishing in a time of 53:01, placing 17th overall

Alex Clay was the first of the second claim riders off riding for The Independent Pedlar, finishing in a time of 56:01, placing her 2nd overall in the women’s event.

Mark Hill riding for VeloRefined was the next of the second claim members. Finished in a time of 58:06, placing 41st overall.

Finally Chris Fennell was the last of TRC members off, riding for The Independent Pedlar. Chris finished in a time of 49:11, placing 2nd overall.

The winner of the event was John Archibald (Ribble Pro Cycling) – 48:50 2nd – Chris Fennell – 49:11 3rd (Joint) – Travis Bramley/Sebastian Garry – 50:50

The women’s event was won by Emily Meakin (The Independent Pedlar) – 55:02 2nd – Alex Clay (The Independent Pedlar) – 56:01 3rd – Hayley Simmons (Aerocoach) – 56:08

Post from Nic Fennell

TRC Club kit – Web shop closed for order on Sunday 18th October

TRC Club kit – Web shop Open

As communicated in NewsWheel this month the BioRacer web shop is now open for us all to order TRC kit.

Many members have already placed orders.

The shop is only open until this Sunday, 18th October 2020.

Follow the link and details on the TRC homepage to find out about and order your club kit

Don’t miss the opportunity.

Post from Simon Henderson

Thanet RC Hillclimb – 11/10/20

The club’s annual hillclimb at St Margarets was held on a fine and sunny autumn morning. The main thing absent was a large field of riders. The event clashed with a number of other events such as a round of the East Kent CycloX, the KM big ride, and the CTT circuit championships, which probably kept the numbers down.

However, we did have enough riders to fill the podium. First place went to Paul Burrows with a time of 2m 39.4s. Sophie Driscoll flew the flag for the women, coming second in a time of 3m 16.4s. In third place, and retaining his wooden spoon was Nigel Derrett who "flew" up the hill in 6m 09.6s!

The helpers outnumbered the riders on this occasion, and thanks go to Colin Inett, Pete Huckstep, Simon Henderson, Michael Friend and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

TRC at the RTTC National Closed Circuit Championships

RTTC Championships Time Trial held at Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit for the 6th addition of the event. Hosted by Antelope RT. With 410 riders on the start sheet, like the National 25 this event had a very strong field again with several professional riders attending. This event also uses transponders for timing, giving riders times to the 100th of a second.

The course is held on the Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit, all riders complete 5 laps of the circuit which totals 11.5 miles of racing. Being a motor racing circuit, it’s closed off from all traffic and is wide sweeping road with only two chicanes which don’t pose much challenge on a bike, and a rise on the end section of the lap which drags during the race.

The weather conditions were dry and a bit chilly around 11C with a easterly wind meant a head wind along the starting straight and the hill.

Thanet Road Club was only represented by Nic Fennell as a first claim member. Chris Fennell and Alex Clay as second claim members riding for the Independent Pedlar.

Nic Fennell finished with a time of 23:22 which placed him 17th overall, a good result placing in the top 20 again.

Second claim member Alex Clay finished in a time of 25:14, which placed her 3rd overall in the women’s field, well done Alex.

Chris Fennell had a strong ride finishing in 21:36, placing him 2nd overall, well done Chris.

The winner of the event was John Archibald (Ribble Pro Cycling) – 21:06

2nd – Chris Fennell (The Independent Pedlar) – 21:36

3rd – Simon Wilson (Ribble Pro Cycling) – 21:53

Women’s winner was Katie Archibald (Dooley RT) – 24:06

2nd – Emily Meakin (The Independent Pedlar) – 24:31

3rd – Alex Clay (The Independent Pedlar) – 25:14

Other local riders included:

Nick Wilson (Rye District Wheelers) – 24:51

Josh Clarke (Royal Air Force) – 25:14

Post from Nic Fennell

Thanet Road Club- TT payments & club kit

TRC time trials 2020- payment

TRC ran a series of time trials at Betteshanger this year. Entry was allowed to all TRC members.

Many of us have already paid our entry payments for these events.

Payment details for ALL entrants was sent to the email address you registered with British Cycling (BC) if you are a current member of the club.

Some members have noticed that emails through this route can sometimes automatically go into your SPAM folder.

Please check your computers and make sure your emails from TRC through British Cycling are not in your SPAM folder.

Most TRC correspondence is communicated through this route so make sure you make them a ‘safe sender’.

If you need to make a payment for these events and have not received the information please contact me.

TRC Club kit – Web shop Open

As communicated in NewsWheel this month the BioRacer web shop is now open for us all to order TRC kit.

The shop is only open until 18th October 2020.

Follow the link and details on the TRC homepage.

Post from Simon Henderson

RTTC National 25 Mile Championship

The weather conditions were a stiff 18mph northerly headwind outward leg made for a very tough and slow first 13miles, despite being downhill. But this was rewarded by a strong tailwind on the way back, which was a welcome relief and made for much higher speeds up the hill.

Traffic on the course was steady but sensible with all vehicles giving riders plenty of space while overtaking.

With such a short TT season in 2020 made for a very strong field of the best amateur riders from across the country, along with professional team Ribble Pro Cycling fielding a large amount of riders and even Alex Dowsett (Israel Startup Nation) taking the start line after finishing 9th at the UCI World Championships just 4 days before.

Nic Fennell was the only Thanet RC rider attending the event. Battling the headwind to the turn averaging 28.1mph, before returning on the fast return leg finding at points that the 58tooth chainring was only just large enough in places when the road levelled out. Crossing the line in a time of 49:27 (30.3mph). Setting a new power PB of 330w NP for the distance in the process, which was good enough for 19th overall.

2nd claim member Chris Fennell also had a very strong ride finishing in a time of 45:46 (32.8mph), good enough for 3rd overall. Just 6 seconds behind 2nd. And 12 seconds faster than Alex Dowsett.

2nd claim member Alex Clay finished 3rd in the women’s event finishing in a time of 53:50, over a minute ahead of the 4th place rider. The women’s field was also stacked with very strong riders.

1st – John Archibald – Ribble Pro Cycling – 44:50

2nd – Dan Bigham – Ribble Pro Cycling – 45:40

3rd – Chris Fennell – Independent Pedlar – 45:46

4the – Alex Dowsett – Israel Startup Nation – 45:58

Post from Nic Fennell

West Kent 25 – Q25/8 Challock – Canterbury – Ashford- Chilham

For the second consecutive week ten 1st claim riders from Thanet Road Club (TRC) signed up for the West Kent Cycling Club’s annual 25 mile TT on Sunday 20th September 2020.

They were joined by three 2nd claim members in a field of 66 riders using the Q25/8 course for the first time 1st time in 12 months (I think).

Once again it was great to see a good field and so many TRC riders.

Thanks to Laurence Toombs at the West Kent, all the helpers and marshals who turned out to run what was yet another well organised event.

It was fairly warm for a September morning but there was a stiff breeze from a mainly NE direction. It was not too noticeable on the leg to Canterbury and certainly helped going to Ashford. Ashford back to the Chilham fork was a challenge. I got caught by no 15. on this leg – he was making a lot better progress than me, although we both saw off 3 other riders.

The course has been re surfaced in several places. I think KCC has been trying to see how many different surfaces they can get on the course! The best part is from around Chartham Station to the turn at Canterbury. From the Chilham fork for about a mile towards Ashford is a new surface that although covers the potholes feels very ‘draggy’ and rough – no doubt waiting for the cars and lorries to smooth this surface.

I was a relatively early starter so traffic was light for me, just missing the ‘help’ of a tractor at the Ashford turn, which looking at the times I needed.

Congratulation to Nic Fennell who won the event with a 51:25, great ride Nic.

Also well done to George Pittock who did a very creditable 58:56. I didn’t see but I am guessing this was on his road bike, what ever a great time George.

This credited him with the prize for second fastest junior.

TRC 1st claim results, start order:

Simon Henderson 58:28

Paul Kirkness 1:03:22

Bill Hawkes DNS (A)

Paul Burrows DNS (A)

Andy Burrows 01:11:15

Rob Milnes 01:01:52

Adrian Hawkins 57:53

Chris Bax 01:05:57

Nic Fennell 51:25

George Pittock 58:56

TRC 2nd claim results, start order:

Danny Frost (Folkstone Velo Club) 01:03:52

Mark Hill (VeloRefined Rule 5) 56:01

Robert Nicholas (Deal Tri) 56:31

Good luck to Nic in the Nationals along with all our other 1st and 2nd claim riders who are competing.

Report based on provisional results.

Apologies for any omissions/ errors.

Simon H.