Thanet RC 4-Up Team Time Trial – 10th July 2109

The club’s popular 4-up team time trial was held in unusual Betteshanger conditions, that is, warm, sunny and light winds! It was held over 7 laps of the Betteshanger CP circuit, which equates to 14.3 miles.

The event was enjoyed by 45 riders, making up teams of 2, 3, and 4 riders. There was a mix of juniors and seniors taking part. As the time for the 4-up teams was taken on the 3rd rider, the results in the attached sheet contain both 3 and 4 man teams. Where a 4th rider became detached, we have also included their times, which were recorded by the time keepers.

The fastest 4-up team was a combination of Adalta CC and VC Deal riders. Toby Anderton, Alex Baker, Rod Archibald and Andy Hill came in with a time of 31.11. In second place with a time of 31.29 was the Folkestone VC team of Gary Pullen, Steve Wilkinson, Colin Newton and Danny Frost. The Thanet RC quartet of Rob Milnes, Mike Kirkness, Rick Perkins and Scott Meeks was third in a time of 31.44. The fastest all women’s team was the Thanet RC team of Catherine Morrell, Jo Smith, Sophie Driscoll and Josie Harcourt with 35.52.

The quickest ride of the evening was actually a 2-up team comprising Thanet RC’s Nic Fennell and Shawn Manning. They stopped the watch at 29.27. The fastest female pairing was the junior team of Ferne Peirce and Millie Dack who covered the course in 43.16.

A big thank you goes to the band of volunteers who turned out to assist. These were Sue Shields, Faye Faiers, Jo Van Velzen, Malcolm Adams, Michael Friend, Andy McCall, Chris Bax, Andrew Morrell and Simon Henderson.

This week’s event is a regular 10 mile time trial.

Report by Dave Mastin.

4-Up 10th July.pdf

Catherine wins South-East youth TT championship

Well done to Catherine Morrell who roof the win in the GHS south east champs at Betteshanger at the weekend. Max was 2nd and qualified for the Nationals in Teeside in September. Full results for GHS and KCA event pastes belowPost by Colin Robinson

Result of 10 Mile Time Trial. Incorporating GHS District Heat.

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Saturday 6 July 2019 ​ Course Q10/42 Betteshanger Circuit

Results and Awards GHS Event.

​ ​

1st. Catherine Morrell​ 26-02 Thanet Road Club

2nd Max Robinson​ 28-30​Thanet Road Club ​

3rd Toby Clayson 31-29 VC Deal


1st Catherine Morrell​ 26-02​ Thanet Road Club

Age Group Winners

Girls Catherine Morrell​

Boys Max Robinson.Toby Clayson

All riders received GHS medals and Certificates. Those listed above have qualified for the National Final in The Teeside District on the Croft motor racing circuit (Closedcircuit course) 14 September. (No need to enter automatic entry)

Results and Awards KCA Event


1st​Mark Hill 21-25 Velo Refined .com Aerosmith Gilt Plated Medal

2nd​Shawn Manning 21-33 Thanet Road Club Silver Plated Medal

3rd​Fabien Large​ 21-40 NOPINZ Bronze Medal


1st Charmain Pullen 24-30 Folkestone VeloClub Gilt Plated Medal

2nd Fay Faires 25-35 Thanet Road Club Silver Plated Medal

3rd Natasha Jarman 26-48 Southboro & Dist Wheelers Bronze medal.


1st Fabien Large​ 27-24 NOPINZ Gilt Plated Medal

Vets OAS

1st Anthony Bee +5-30 Wigmore CC Gilt Plated Medal

2nd Mark Hill +5-29 Velo Refined .com Aerosmith Silver plated Medal

3rd Shawn Manning +5-03 Thanet Road Club Bronze medal

Best improvement on previous 3 year PB at distance

1st​Caroline Rigby VC Deal Gilt Plated Medal

2nd​Faye Faires​ Thanet Road Club Silver Plated Medal

3rd Tim Miles Hastings & St Leonards Bronze Medal

Fastest Club Team of 3 Riders Thanet Road Club

Shawn Manning, Adrian Hawkins, Rob Milnes. Bronze Medals.

KCA Prizes will be presented at the KCA Lunch in November.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and many thanks to all who helped to make the event run smoothly.

Event Secretary:

Chris Bax. PMR​ Telephone: 01843 223146

23 Garrard Avenue Margate Kent​ Mobile: 07528 902594

Time Keepers: ​Terry Fearn Thanet RC & Ian Ferrell VC Deal

Recorder:​ Tony Millar

Results Board Chris Bax

Signing on Pat Williams

Pusher off: Dave Williams

Marshals: ​Andrew Morrell, Ian Clayson, Marjo Van Velson

Acknowledgements to Sponsors of clubs (as shown on some entry forms):

Velo Aerosmith


Left at HQ pair of track mitts and a pair of sun glasses.

GHS & Kent Cycling Association 10 Mile TT

Position Name Club Age Time
1 Catherine Morrell Thanet Road Club F16 26-02
2 Max Robinson Thanet Road Club 12 28-30
3 Toby Clayson VC Deal 13 31 29 PB
Tandem KCA EVENT Cat Time Vet std +/- LTS +
1 Kate Bosley Abelio SFA Race Team LV57 23-56 +3-26
John Bosley Abelio SFA Race Team V57
2 Sue Shields Thanet Road Club LV66 26-07 +2-14
Andrew Mc Call Thanet Road Club V65
1 Mark Hill Velo Refined .com Aerosmith V51 21-25 +5-29
2 Shawn Manning Thanet Road Club V47 21-33 +5-03
3 Fabien Large NOPINZ Jun 21-40
4 Adrian Hawkins Thanet Road Club V50 21-57 +4-52
5 Pete Elms Colour Tech R T V51 22-25 +4-33
6 Anthony Bee Wigmore CC V55 22-42 +5-30
7 Gary Pullen Folkestone Velo Club V49 23-06 +3-39
8 Rob Milnes Thanet Road Club Sen 23-29
9 Colin Robinson Thanet Road Club V52 23-44 +3-06
10 Tom Morton PMR V64 23-49 +4-17
11 Danny Frost Folkestone Velo Club V55 24-14 +2-58
12 Charmain Pullen Folkestone Velo Club LV48 24-30 +4-31
13 Paul Kirkness Thanet Road Club V65 24-28 +2-45
14 Robert Giles PMR V72 24-58 +3-22
15 Fay Faires Thanet Road Club LV44 26-07 +2-29 +1-43
16 David Smith VC De Londres Sen 26-11
17 Peter Huckstep Thanet Road Club V68 26-31 +2-08
18 Natasha Jarman Southboro & Dist Wheelers L 26-48
19 Dave Mastin Thanet Road Club V66 27-14 +1-07
20 Tim Miles Hastings & St Leonards CC V72 27-15 +2-05 +0-34
21 Paul Simon Griffiths Thanet Road Club V44 27-34 -1-12
22 Colin Inett Thanet Road Club V78 27-39 +3-06
23 Malcolm Adams De Laune CC V80 28-21 +3-01
24 Caroline Rigby VC Deal LV55 28-48 +0-44 +2-18
25 Mike Perry Thanet Road Club V74 29-37 +0-08
26 Jennifer Fearn Thanet Road Club LV68 33-01 -1-43
27 Stephanie Hopcraft San Fairy Ann CC L 34-22
DNS Eva Nyirenda
DNS Kevin Tye

National Youth Championship incorporating round 6 of the national series.

Report from Tallulah Butcher
Saturday morning we travelled up to Scarborough where William and Harriet put Thanet RC on the map in the Yorkshire cyclocross summer series. Harriet had a great race coming 1st in the U8 girls and William coming 3rd in the boys race.
In the afternoon dad and I did a recce of the race circuit with the notorious Oliver’s Mount hill climb with a maximum accent of 17%!
This circuit in 2016 had been used for the final summit climb in the Tour de Yorkshire, at its highest the views are spectacular.
The following day it was my turn to race, with a high class field of 40 starters from across the country. We set off from the summit to do two laps of the top circuit,
before descending down along the mere. We then had a sharp left hairpin as we went into the hill climb. The pack stayed together pretty much for the first climb out of five assents, but from the 2nd climb the field blew apart. After a gruelling 50 minutes I came in 16th. I was really pleased with my result, my best on the national circuit so far!

TRC Evening “10”, 3rd July 2019

Finally, we had some decent weather on a Wednesday for the 10 mile time trial at Betteshanger CP. As a result of better conditions, we had a good field of 45 riders taking part. The senior field included a number of guests from Ashford Tri Club, who used the event for their club time trial championship.

The weather was warm, sunny, with just a light breeze from the north east. As a result of better conditions, rider’s times showed a marked improvement over previous weeks.

In spite of a good turnout, there was just 3 juniors taking part. George Pittock was quickest with 23.45, whilst Catherine Morrell was fastest girl in a time of 25.42. Having a go at his first time trial was Henry Urand who posted a time of 29.20.

Shawn Manning was top of the senior times with 21.25, with Velorefined’s Mark Hill coming second in 21.52. Third place went to the first of the Ashford Tri riders, Alex Milne, in a time of 22.02. Folkestone VC’s Charmaine Pullen was fastest woman with 24.41, with Faye Faiers coming in as fastest Thanet RC woman with 26.02. Finally, Sue Shields and Andy McCall gave the “new” tandem an outing before taking part in this weekend’s Kent CA at Betteshanger. Their time was 26.21.

All times can be found in the attached files.

Thanks this week go to Gary Pullen, Terry Fearn, Seb Dickson, Andrew Morrell, Julie Abbot and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors BCP 3rd July.pdf

Seniors BCP 3rd July.pdf

VTTA (Kent) 10 Mile Time Trial – 30/06/19

The club was well represented in the popular VTTA (Kent) 10 mile time trial on the Q10/30 Thanet Way course. This is the event that was run successfully by our own Colin Inett for many years, and this year, was run very efficiently by Folkestone VC. It was a warm day, but the stiff westerly breeze gave little shelter to the riders on the homeward leg, and consequently, times were affected.

It was a very close thing for top spot, with Nic Fennell just pipping Kevin Tye of Velorefined by a single second. Nic’s time was 20.13. The Velorefined riders were out in force and cleared up the various veterans awards. Second claim member Natasha Jarman (Southborough and DW) was the fastest non veteran woman with a time of 26.28.

Times of all cub riders in start order as follows:-

Paul Kirkness: 24.40,
Dave Mastin: 26.57,
Colin Inett: 28.19,
Mike Perry: 29.26,
Malcolm Adams (2nd claim): 28.49,
Chris Bax (2nd claim): 24.10,
Pete Huckstep: 26.42,
Shawn Manning: 21.32,
Simon Charles: 26.32 (PB),
Nick Fennell: 20.13,
Andy Burrows: 26.54,
Natasha Jarman (2nd claim): 26.28,
Paul Griffiths: 28.14,
Simon Henderson: 22.52,
Paul Kelk: 25.39.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Spring in the Park final round and overalls

Report from Tallulah Butcher

Spring in the Park – Final Round

Last night was the final round at the Cyclopark, what a fantastic series it has been over the past couple of months. Final Standings:
U8 girls – Harriet Butcher..1st
Alice Tullett……..5th
U8 boys – William Butcher 4th (missed podium by 1 point)
Pepe Lopez …..12th
U10 boys – Felix Lopez…….13th
Douglas Tullet…14th
U12 boys – Max Robinson…4th (again missing podium by a couple of points) U14 girls – Tallulah Butcher.5th

As a collective TRC came 4th overall as a club.

Many thanks to Spring in the Park, organisers and volunteers, we look forward to 2020 series!

Thanet RC Evening “10” – 26th June 2019

This week was meant to be the week of the heatwave, according to the weather forecasters. They obviously didn’t include our corner of Kent, or Betteshanger in particular, in their forecast for Wednesday, as we had yet another evening of poor weather to contend with. This week, it was dry, but there was a strong north easterly wind coming off the sea and it was more like March than June.

Consequently, we had another small field of riders taking part. Just 18 riders took to the track, including 3 juniors. The weather affected the times and most riders were considerably slower than their previous times.

Fastest girl and fastest junior was Catherine Morrell with 26.59, while in second place was Tallulah Butcher in a time of 29.30. Toby Clayson of VC Deal was fastest boy with 34.57.

Nic Fennell was top of the list of senior riders with 21.10, while Shawn Manning recorded 22.03 for second place, which was actually better than his time from the previous week. The top woman rider was Sophie Driscoll, who did 27.07.

Times of all riders are to be found in the attached files.

This week’s helpers were Jenny & Terry Fearn, Caroline Rigby, Paul Griffiths, Andrew Morrell, Malcolm Adams, Brian Hood, David Redmond and Dave Mastin.

Report by Dave Mastin.

Juniors BCP 26th June.pdf

Seniors BCP 26th June.pdf